Course DR-SNS-SI

Course intended for professionals involved adjusting, commissioning and service of drives Sinamics S120.


  • High Technical or specialized secondary education (advisable).
  • Basic knowledge of electrical engineering, the electric drive theory and automatic management theory

Course purposes:

Learning of the hardware components of Sinamics S12, familiarity with desighn basis for drives, comissioning of the drive through the built-in control panel and the program Starter, drive regulator adjustment and its integration into the ACS.


  1. SINAMICS - family of drives and components overview;
  2. Tools and designing;
  3. Commissioning using STARTER;
  4. Diagnostics;
  5. Channel speed setpoint; Dynamic Servo Control;
  6. Management and regulation functions;
  7. Technological Functions;
  8. Optimization of regulators;
  9. Data exchange through PROFIBUS, control and status words;
  10. Functions for the modes SERVO and VEKTOR;
  11. Information about the hardware components;
  12. Description of work with STARTER
  13. Documentation and training;
  14. Catalogue SINAMICS І120;
  15. Practical exercises.

Course duration — 5 days.