Solar Energy

ACS of TP OF the oil extraction factory

The full automation of grain elevators

Automated warehouse and sorting

Solar parks designing, supply, assembly, equipment commissioning for the solar stations.

Automation solutions for oil extraction plants and transshipment complexes


Solutions for the jewelery industry

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Material flow management

Independent electric power supply

Energy distribution systems

Building automation

The system for the control of stuff tracking along the process chain to the goods/stuff storage place.

We offer solutions for independent electric power supply.

Design, production of the low-, and high-voltage equipment for the energy distribution.

Systems, equipment and service for the automatization of the life-support and security systems for different types of buildings.

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Multi-storey car park automation

Unmanned transport system


Chromatographic analysis

Solutions for the design and automation of surface and underground multilevel parking.

Individual engineering solutions for the unmanned transport systems.

Optimization of production activity, which controls in real time the production process.

Analytical chromatographic system on-line is the device based on the gas stream analyzer.

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Solutions on the basis of RFID-identification

Arc furnace SmartArc control automation

ACS TP of the biofuel production

Hybrid Bus with integrated roof solar panels and windows

INFOCOM ASIA company offers turnkey solutions based on radio frequency identification technology (RFID-system)

Automation solutions for arc control technology SmartArc in electric arc furnaces

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Designing of the autonomous and roof boiler houses

Shale gas production: in-situ retorting



Less expensive and environmentally friendly method of shale gas production based on the in-situ retorting approach.

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