Course ST-7PRО2

Course ST-7PRO2 intended for experts in the field of operation, design, programming and introduction SIMATIC S7. The course provides a basic level of knowledge necessary for practical programming and service SIMATIC S7.

Prerequisite for the course learning ST-7PRO2 :

  • experience with WINDOWS 9x, a basic knowledge of systems SIMATIC S7 (in volume course ST-7PRО1);
  • high technical education (desirable).

Aims of the course ST-7PRO2:

  • composition of program structures, development, documentation and launch user programs using system and standard controllers functions SIMATIC S7.

ST-7PRO course content: 

  • Instructions with battery, address registers, floating-point arithmetic.
  • System functions. Using libraries, standard functions.
  • Data management, complex and parametric data types.
  • Passing arrays and structures for the functions and function blocks.
  • S7-communication based on SFB: configuration and parameterization.
  • Extended testing capabilities.
  • Program adaptation to equipment change.
  • Review of additional packages for STEP 7: PLC SIM, SCL, GRAPH7, CFC, PDIAG

Practical exercises are performed using educational stands SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400

Course duration — 5 days.