Course ST-7MICRO

Course  ST-7MICRO intended for begginers who want to get acquainted with main base system SIMATIC S7-200.

Prerequisite for the course learning ST-7MICRO:

  • basic knowledge at automatic management systems;
  • Windows system user.

Aims of the course ST-7MICRO:

  • compiling of program structures, development, documenting and launch user programs.

ST-7MICRO course content:

  1. Overview of controllers SIMATIC S7.
  2. Acquaintance with the types of the S7-200, models and their CPU, suitable programming devices.
  3. Acquaintance with the expansion capabilities S7-200 and address allocation.
  4. Memory configuration and concept of programs saving.
  5. Logic operations, processing of timers, counters.
  6. Program structure , processing of program, technology of subprograms.
  7. Main operations, important standard and specific commands.
  8. Installation, on - line/ off - line programming, testing and diagnostic function in programming package STEP7 MicroWIN.

Practical exercises at the course ST-7MICRO are performed using educational stands SIMATIC S7-200

Course duration — 5 days.