Course ST-BWinCCFSYS1 intended for expertsinvolved in development and introduction of projects, which is used SIMATIC WinCC flexible as an imaging system.

Prerequisite for the course learning ST-BWinCCFSYS1:

  • experience with MICROSOFT WINDOWS 2000/XP, graphic editors;
  • basics of programming in C language (recommended).

Aims of the course ST-BWinCCFSYS1:

  • familiarity with the system components WinCC;
  • process of project development for the visualization of data controller;
  • archiving of variables;
  • message processing;
  • reports conducting.

ST-BWinCCFSYS1 course content:

  • system overview;
  • project;
  • bases of designing graphic images;
  • development of complicated graphic objects;
  • message system;
  • user administration;
  • archiving of process data;
  • recipe management;
  • creating a scriptprograms for RT-mode;
  • Sm@rtAccess;
  • Sm@rtService.

Practical exercises at the course ST-BWinCCFSYS1 are performed using educational stands SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400

Course duration — 5 days.