Course ST-7PRО1

Course ST-7PRO1 intended for experts in the field of operation, design, programming and introduction SIMATIC S7.

The course provides a basic level of knowledge necessary for practical programming and service SIMATIC S7.

Prerequisite for the course learning ST-7PRO1:

  • experience with WINDOWS 2000/XP;
  • high technical education (desirable).

Aims of the course ST-7PRO1 :

  • composition of program structures, development, documentation and launch extensive user programs.

ST-7PRO1 course content:

  1. Controllers overview SIMATIC S7.
  2. STEP 7 - instrumental software complex for programs development and testing and documenting.
  3. The program structure for the controller.
  4. Types of program blocks. Block editor.
  5. Logic operations; processing of timers, counters.
  6. Operations of transformation, arithmetic and conditional transfer. Symbolic programming functions.
  7. Programming functions and function blocks with parameters. Blocks of data and data processing.
  8. Analysis system information. Finding errors.
  9. Program configuration and parameterization of hardware.
  10. Diagnostics of equipment.

Practical exercises are performed using educational stands SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400

Course duration — 5 days.