Course  SIMOVERT MASTER DRIVES intended for specialist who involved in installation, checkout and service of variable frequency drives Simovert Master Drives VC. During the course studied the properties of asynchronous and synchronous electric motors, device and properties of the transistor frequency convertor (FC) with  a constant voltage element.
Considers the usage of Simovert converter and i asynchronous electric motor for the implementation of various technological modes,  methods of constructing and optimization of closed automatic control systems  with built-in frequency converter diagnostics of the electric drive state, and behavior in  in unusual and emergency situations

Prerequisite for the course learning SIMOVERT MASTER DRIVES:

  • knowledge of the fundamentals of  electrotechnology, electronics, electric drive theory and automatic control theory;
  • knowledge of the device and properties of asynchronous motors;
  • acquaintance with the frequency converter type MicroMaster.

Aims of the course SIMOVERT MASTER DRIVES:

  • Examine the device and the technical characteristics of frequency convertor SIMOVERT MASTER DRIVES
  • know the frequency converters features usage for the different technical drive modes
  • Learning how to do initial setup FC, build a closed system of regulation of a given technological parameter, use special functions, the free blocks, diagnostic capabilities FC


  • Electromechanical properties of alternating current motors
  • Fundamentals theory of automatic management
  • Frequency regulated alternating current electric drive Simovert Master Drives:
    • Purpose, basic functions, range of application and the technical characteristics of converters.
    • Other elements of the complete electric drive Siemens.
    • Frequency converter device.
    • Principles of the system frequency converter management Simovert Master Drives.
    • Structural schemes of management system electric drive.
    • Additional features of converters Simovert Master Drives.
    • Selection of structures of electric drive control system in according to technological requirements to the object of regulation.
    • Stages of start-up and commissioning of complete electric drive
  • Practical exercises

Course duration — 5 days.