• Smart house

    INFOCOM ASIA realizes development and implementation of life-support systems and safety of various buildings (airports, stadiums, offices, railway stations, malls). Make your SMART house with INFOCOM ASIA.


    Welcome to INFOCOM ASIA training center for training specialists Siemens automation systems (WinCC programming, Step 7 programming, motors etc.)


    INFOCOM ASIA realizes design, manufacture, supply of low and high voltage electrical power distribution units made according to technology SIVACON S8, SIVACON 8PT by SIEMENS

  • Design of solar stations by INFOCOM ASIA

    INFOCOM ASIA makes professional Design of solar stations on roof, building facades, ground solar stations. Working as a EPC-Contractor under desining of solar stations.

  • Automation of grain elevator
    Automation of grain elevator

    INFOCOM ASIA suggests design of automated control systems for grain receipt and storage area, winnow-hulling shop,  Any needed automation for oil-crash plant, silo automation and other agricultiral automation needs

  • Automated multi-storey car parks

    Solutions in development and automation of the surface and underground multi-storey car parks

  • Self-regulating boiler room designing
    Self-regulating boiler room designing

    INFOCOM ASIA realizes solutions for all demands: Boiler-room for private house, Boiler-room for hotel comlex * Boiler-room for multifamily house, boilers and boiler rooms for houses, enterprises, private and corporate objects, hotels and rest houses

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