Solar power plants in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is one of the most attractive countries for the development of "green" business. There are large area and sunny climate to get short-term effect from installing a solar plant for home or business needs.


solar power plant desing in Kazakhstan

Many perspectives, but in practice little part of they has been realized. By 2020, it is planned to launch 4 solar stations with power of 77 MW. Despite this plans no one project were not adopted and developed for the production of "solar" equipment. In 2017, Astana will host EXPO-2017 - an exhibition of alternative energy. By this time, Kazakhstan should show an actively developing green industry, which in the future will help the country to fully switch to renewable sources. This country is the second in terms of the expanses of the former USSR to implement state support for the development of renewable sources. This gave a strong impetus to the development of this industry. In 2014, the government decided to establish fixed tariffs for the supply of electricity produced from renewable energy sources for a period of 15 years. Thus, the installation of a solar station is becoming very profitable. Energy, which will unused, you can give to the network on a "green tariff" and receive money.

If you do not know how to install solar panels and how to choose the right model and power, INFOCOM Ltd will help solve this problem and bring cheap electricity to everyone in the house.

It is very difficult to conduct electricity In some places and here the help comes from solar panels. A very simple solution that can save you time and money. On a normal day, the solar panel provides electricity to the entire house. If in addition to the panel you put the battery, you can use the stored energy at night. "INFOCOM Ltd" performs power plants on a turn-key basis. Our experts will help you choose the best option, which is suitable for your characteristics. We guarantee the lowest prices and the best world manufacturers. Our company cooperates with suppliers that are time-tested. You can contact our representative office in Kazakhstan and ask all the questions of interest. On our site all current projects and those that are under development are laid out. We do not abandon our customers and guarantee maintenance, as well as consultations.