Solar Energy

INFOCOM ASIA offers its own complex solutions of equipment for solar power stations and supply of equipment for solar energy:

Configuration of site for solar park

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The solar power station is developed as a “turn-key” project.


We carry out project of SIS, assembling and adjusting, supply of the necessary equipment.

 Solar inverter substation SIS

Solar inverter substation SISSolar inverter substation SIS – is the pre-assembled substation of container-type for placing of electrical equipment – for control system, inverter, MV-transformer and distribution devices.

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Information for order of solar inverter substation.



 Solar station monitoring and dispatching system

Solar station monitoring and dispatching systemDispatching substation control is run by operator from main control panel through the operator control station. Equipment and accident condition is displayed on the graphical display unit, through the program of technical process visualization.

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Brochure “Universal solar station monitoring system” (1, 19 mB)



Meteorological complex (MC) for solar power stations

Meteorological complexMeteorological complex (MC) – is intelligent solution for control of weather conditions in the location of solar power station with possibility of long-distance data transmission through the optical ETHERNET.

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 Smart General Combiner Box SGCB16

Шкаф сбора мощности SGCBSmart General Combiner Box SGCB16 (SMART GENERAL COMBINER BOX) – is intellectual monitoring system of solar modules, designed to summation of capacity and connection of PV-arrays to the central inverter. SGCB has 16 controlled current monitored inputs and one general output.

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General contracting works in building of solar stations

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