Building automation


INFOCOM ASIA offers systems, equipment and services for the automation of life support systems and safety of different buildings: airports, stadiums, railway stations, and office and entertainment complexes.

Our most important task is to assure the optimal comfort for you, energy conservation, serviceability and safety.

Offering solutions:

  • providing of comfortable conditions (lighting, warming, air conditioning);
  • ensuring the fire safety (alarm and fire-fighting systems);
  • control and access security provision;
  • colored video surveillance systems;
  • nonvolatile audio-warning system (with the warning possibility irrespective of noise level and available electric power supply);
  • efficient energy usage systems with several redundancy levels;
  • parking control systems;
  • in the sphere of information and communication.

Capabilities of the system BMS (building management):

Scope of works

 Modular design of systems allows, irrespective of the object size and its use, to select systems according to the customer’s requirement and integrate them into the existing conditions and equipment with the possibility of the further extension without large time and resources consumption.

 Data exchange between modules is carried out through the multi-service network, which serves to the traffic transferring from multimedia (speech, video image) to the electronic dates.


Dispatching and automated control

For dispatching and automated lighting, warming, air conditioning, fire alarm and fire-fighting system control is the SIEMENS’S Department solution SBT used - hardware and software system DESIGO.

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Audio-warning and sound systems

INFOCOM ASIA offers DYNACORD PROMATRIX 8000 solution for audio-warning and insonation in the stadiums, airports, railway stations and shopping malls.

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Parking control systems

Parking control system is designed for automation and control of entrance/exit of vehicle and parking service fees.

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Lighting systems

Automatic lighting system solves following main tasks:

  •  outdoor lighting of:
  •  indoor lighting...

Lighting systems of stadiums and other sport venues meet additional requirements:

  • arena’s lighting:
  • grandstand’s lighting...

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