Smart General Combiner Box SGCB16

Smart General Combiner BoxSmart General Combiner Box SGCB16 (SMART GENERAL COMBINER BOX) – is intellectual monitoring system of solar modules, designed to summation of capacity and connection of PV-arrays to the central inverter. SGCB has 16 controlled current monitored inputs and one general output.


  1. SGCB16
  2. String of solar panels
  3. Solar inverter substation with central inverters

Brief description of SGCB:

  • Current control is carried out for every of connecting groups of solar stations with the help of Hall effect sensors on the base of universal inverters (technology Solarcheck) designed by Phoenix Contact.
  • Signals coming from current and voltage converters are absolutely galvanically isolated from power circuits.
  • Connection of solar batteries to SGCB is carried out through special safety modules for solar energy designed by PHOENIX CONTACT.
  • As a disconnect switch for power circuits is specialized power circuit breaker for solar energy TxDmax PV designed by ABB
  • Overvoltage protection complex designed by Phoenix Contact ensures maximal protection of SGCB. Complex includes overvoltage protection device of power circuits of direct current and data transfer networks.
  • SGCB controls status of main disconnect switch (on/off), status of overvoltage protection devices (monitoring of accident situations), and control of cabinet door opening/closing.
  • SGCB has temperature control function inside the box.

Capacity summation principle and protective functions SGCB16:

  • Strings of solar panels are connected to the SGCB16 inputs, which have protective PV-fuses. To every string are connected two fuses, «+» and «-»;
  • Voltage and current from strings of solar panels are summarized on power bus lines;
  • After power bus lines is installed main power circuit breaker, through which total current flow from connected PV-array to inverter;
  • Overvoltage protection device is installed on power circuit.


Solar inverter substation implements following main functions:

  • automatic generation of electric current by the prescribed algoritm;
  • fulfilling of pritection and lock functions;
  • synchronization to the line;
  • compulsory checking of condition of main electrical equipment status and its parameters;
  • process and alarm signaling in case of extraordinary situation or critical process parameters;
  • access to the generating, storing and data transmissioning process about technical process tj the dispatch center screens, and printing of information in a user-friendly format;
  • consumption and production records of electric power.