Meteorological complex MC for solar power stations

MeteocomlexMeteorological complex (MC) – is intelligent solution for control of weather conditions in the location of solar power station with possibility of long-distance data transmission through the optical ETHERNET



Flexible design system, modularity and commonality of applied components allow configuring meteorological complex (MC) in any versions according to the capacity of solar power station and
customer's requirements.

Meteorological complex (MC) is designed on the basis of sensors and components of leading world and Ukrainian manufacturers (Fischer, Kipp&Zonen, Phoenix Contact, Lappkable, Rittal, Tera-Ukraine, Scientific Industrial Enterprise “TEKO”).

Meteorological complex (MC)-20 makes accurate and reliable measurements of such six the most important parameters, as:

  • Ambient air temperature -40….+50 ˚C
  • Relative humidity 0-100 %
  • Wind velocity 0…60 m/s.
  • Wind direction 0…360 °С
  • Barometric pressure 90… 105 кПа
  • Rainfall 0…15 mm/min
  • Surface temperature of solar panel -40…+80 °С
  • Air temperature near the solar panel -40…+50 °С
  • Insolation on the panel 0…2000 Вт/м²
  • Total insolation in the field 0…4000 Вт/м².

Information for order of meteorological complex

Solar inverter substation implements following main functions:

  • automatic generation of electric current by the prescribed algoritm;
  • fulfilling of pritection and lock functions;
  • synchronization to the line;
  • compulsory checking of condition of main electrical equipment status and its parameters;
  • process and alarm signaling in case of extraordinary situation or critical process parameters;
  • access to the generating, storing and data transmissioning process about technical process tj the dispatch center screens, and printing of information in a user-friendly format;
  • consumption and production records of electric power.