Multi-storey car park automation

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Capabilities and advantages of the car parking automation system:
  • Automationofcontroloftheentrance/departure of vehicles to the car parking

Автоматизация многоуровневых парковок

  • Payment system automationbased on checks with bar-codes;
  • Convenient control and financial activity analysis of the car parking complex;
  • Reducing the occurrences of abuse of official position on the park of clients and car parking personnel;
  • Comfortable usage of car parking complex services for clients;

Data concerning number of free car parking spaces are transmitted to the dispatcher to a display.

Car parking control procedure:

  • If the car driver enters the car parkingdata display informsif there are any free available car parking spaces;
  • The time of staying on the car parking and the payment amount are displayed, if the car driver leaves the car parking;
  • Quick registration of the carswhich have entered or left the car parkingcar data collection;
  • Quick registration of the cars, which have entered or left the car parking, number plate data collection;
  • The operator has access to the video-monitoring and car parking operation reports on the car parking remote server;
  • Car detection with the use of validatorswhich immediately detects the car location;
  • Communication with the Central Dispatch Room.

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