Electric power supply of the car parks

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Electric power supply of the automated multy-storey car parks.
sivacon 8pt

Switchgears and low voltage distributors are the link between medium voltage circuits, including transformers on the one hand and such consumers as lighting, air conditioning system, motors and information technologies on the other hand.

The following concepts are used for the low voltage circuits on the car park: primary and secondary low voltage distributors.

Primary distributor of the low voltage is powered directly from transformer for every section of the collecting bus bar.

Distributors powered from the primary low voltage distributors and connected to the lighting, air conditioning systems and control boards and others belong to the secondary low voltage distributors.

The cabinets SIEMENS SIVACON 8PT, SIVACON S8F are offered for the electric power distribution for the voltage 0,4 kV up to 7000А.

The overtype copper bus system is installed in the cabinet for the electric power distribution.