Architectural and building part

Russian Federation Germany

A company INFOCOM ASIA offers services in building of the multi-storey car parks.

To the work scope belongs the whole list of works from the car park project, electric power supply, and the whole range of works in building automation:
Многоуровневая парковка

  • architectural and building part (building plans, cross-section views, facades);
  • construction solutions (house foundations, load-carrying and enclosing constructions);
  • inner utility networks and systems (heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, water supply, canalization, heat and electric power supply, electrical equipment, electric lighting);
  • fire suppression systems (fire warning, fire alarm system, automatic fire-fighting systems, water-based and gaseous fire protection systems, dry chemical fire suppression systems, gravitational and forced smoke ventilation systems);
  • integrated security systems;
  • automation and dispatching of the utility systems, industrial systematization;
  • special parts of the design documentation (corrosion protection of the constructions, construction management);
  • cost estimate documents