modan EatonField of application:

    Electric power distribution system Modan is a low-voltage modular distribution unit that is able to distribute currents up to 6300А; such distribution boards or control systems or motor control centers are used for reliable, efficient and safe electric power distribution in high-powered energy-intensive systems with strict technical requirements;
    Electric power distribution system MODAN provides high flexibility of building the electric power supply systems and easy maintenance and access to the components due to the modern modular, draw-out and plug-in installation technique.

Technical characteristics:

    The system is divided into separate sections, busbar section, section for tap-off units and cable compartment, that are separated from each other; 
Switchboards MODAN are tested for protection from influence of light arc and seismic resistance; its also possible to enhance arc resistance due to installation of built-in ARCON protection from influence of reflected light arc, that provides light arc extinguishing directly in the focus of arc striking.
Configurations of switching system can be changed without disconnecting panels from power supply in case of changing operational conditions. Functional blocks can be replaced and extended up to 630 A in the live system;

    All draw-out modules of the electric power distribution system Modan can have 3 operational modes: running, test mode and disconnected; that allows avoiding human-factor mistakes; built-in protection system allows reducing failure rate to a minimum.

Overview of the MODAN systems:




4 колонка 

 Electric power distribution systems  up to 6300 А

 Mobile distribution systems and MCC with mobile compartments  up to 630 А

 Draw-out distribution systems and MCC with draw-out units up to 630 А

 Main empty cells of distribution switchboards etc.