Low-voltage switchgear (РУ) according to the technology SIVACON 8PT designed by:Низковольтные распределительные устройства (РУ) по технологии SIVACON 8PT

  • Input distribution devices of:
    • electrical energy input
    • electric power distribution
    • energy accounting
  • main distribution switchgears
  • low voltage electrical switchboards
  • low-voltage switchgears
  • supporting distributing devices
  • automatic circuit breaker cabinets
  • Sectional Cabinets
  • reactive power compensation installation
  • Motor control centres (MCC)

SIVACON had passed the following tests in  standards compliance - IEC 60439-1, DIN EN 60439-1 (VDE 0660 part 500):

  • test for temperature limit;
  • insulation resistance check;
  • closed-circuit fault tolerance check;
  • test for correct wiring between the combination bodies of switching devices and the grounding conductor according to the results of the resistance check or measuring;
  • check for closed-circuit fault tolerance of the grounding conductor;
  • check of creepage distances and air gaps;
  • mechanical integrity testing;
  • IP protection level testing.

Every power distribution device SIVACON passes the following types of testing before shipping:

  • a visual monitoring of production, including wiring works, and functional tests on electrical equipment if required;
  • insulation resistance check;
  • check of protective measures and visual monitoring of the end to end ground lines.

In the SIVACON system safety requirements are maintained by the range of the following factors:

  • error prevention in the maintanance in the draw-out type switch cabinets due to the fine adjustment of the mechanical guides and appliance of the block systems;
  • appliance of the only limited range of the high quality insulation materials (eg: for bus holders, stiffening plates etc.);
  • appliance of the reliable switching devices designed by Siemens assures a long-term operation and reduces downtime;
  • a reliable shutdown after 70-100 msec even by a long delay time due to th power automatic circuit-breakers 3WL with a control of selectivity (ZSS);
  • automated design assures the right choice and equipment allocation;
  • check of the system for the localization capability;
  • availability of the quality management system.

Modular low-voltage power distribution products – a standard solution for a range of branches of industry:

  • electric power stations;
  • distribution cabinets for buildings and structures;
  • distribution substations;
  • main distribution boards and secondary elctrical power systems for energetics, chemical, petroleum, gas industry and other branches.