Infocom ASIA has a license and experience in design of substations and systems of electric power supply of buildings up to 35 kV.

Infocom ASIA, as a partner of a Subsidiary Enterprise “Siemens Ukraine”, uses the following distributing devices:

Distributing devices with the SF6 gas insulation (SF6 insulated switchgear).

Type of SF6 insulated switchgear Fulfillment Voltage Current
 8DH10 8DH10  partitioned, modular  6-10 kV Up to 630 А
 NXPLUS C  NXPLUS-C partitioned, modular  6-10 Kv Up to 2500 А
 NXPLUS  NXPLUS partitioned, modular  6-35 kV Up to 2500 А
 8DA , 8DB  8DA-DB partitioned, modular  6-35 kV Up to 2500 А
 8DJ20  8DJ20 блочного типа  6-10 kV Up to 630 А

Short description of details of construction of the gas-insulated cells

Switchgear and control gear with the SF6 gas insulation is a ready-to-use SF6 insulated switchgear, which doesn’t need any adjustment works, and works with the SF6 gas while in operation.
The SF6 insulated switchgear serves for the indoor installation in the rooms of distributing substations of industrial and energy enterprises.

Details of construction

Fully partitioned SF6 insulated switchgears with the totally enclosed all-welded containers from stainless steel, which contain switching devices: load-break switch, disconnect switch, grounding switch and vacuum arc-quenching chambers of the power circuit breaker, appliance of the closed incremental insulation outside the contaners (busbars), bushing insulators for cable connection, welded into the container.

Advantages of using

A full lack of necessity in the maintanance during its whole operational lifetime, simplicity and ease of maintenance, minimum requirement for the required space, no dependence on the climatic factors within the temperature operating condition range, simple assembling.


Due to the excellent insulating properties of the SF6 gas, which is used as an insulating and arc-suppression medium (for load-break switches) is achieved a high level of compactness of the SF6 insulated switchgears. This allows to save large useful areas for installation, which is a very important factor by the limited spaces in conditions of the industrial enterprises and urban networks.

Ease of installation

Installation or expanding of the SF6 insulated switchgears doesn’t need anyworks with the SF6 gas.

Maintanance safety

A total shock-hazard protection, closed metal earth enclosure, and the busbar insulation with the polymer coating, tracking resistence of the containers of the stainless steel and cable junction box, appliance of the special block systems, which assure the impossibility of the error switchings and exclude getting into the voltage of the operating personnel.

Operating reliability

Airproof  all-welded containers of the stainless non-magnetic packless steel of the high quality, with the construction resistant to the differences in pressure, use of the insulation gas, which has its insulations properties during the whole operational lifetime without cleaning and refilling, appliance of the closed incremental insulatin of the current-carrying elements outside the container, simple and evident index of the operational readiness.

Air-Insulated Switchgear (switchgear and control gear)

Type of the switchgear and control gear Fulfillment Voltage Current
 8BT1 8bt1-12 partially partitioned  6-10 kV  Up to 2500 А
 8BT2  8BT2 fully partitioned  6-20 kV  Up to 2500 А
 SIMOSEC  SIMOSEC partially partitioned  6-10 kV Up to 1250 А
 SIMOPRIME  SIMOPRIME fully partitioned  6-10 kV  2500 А
 8ВК20  8BK20 fully partitioned  6-10 kV  Up to 4000 А
 NXAIR  NXAIR partitioned, modular  6 kV  Up to 2500 А
 NXAIR M  NXAIR-M partitioned, modular  6-10 kV  Up to 2500 А
 NXAIR Р NXAIR-P partitioned, modular  6-10 kV  Up to 4000 А

Personnel safety

  1. Voltage commutation with the closed door.
  2. Interlocking of the door and the extending section
  3. Shock-hazard protection and protection from getting inside of the foreign objects.

Equipment reliability

  1. Interlocking of the distributing cabinets.
  2. Electric strength.
  3. A total independence on the climat and the environment conditions.
  4. Maintanance. Distributing cabinet requires minimum maintanance.
  5. Continuity of operation



  1. Installation of the extending section inside the cabinet is carried out manually and requires shoe-string efforts, because the device with the continuous screw is used
  2. The extending section has a low weight and can be taken out of the cabinet very easy, without special tools.


Remote control

At Customer’s wish, the device can be equipped with the electric remote control, for example, from the central control station.
Emergency manual operation is possible in any conditions.

Scheme of the work control of the energy distrubution devices and the electroenergy accounting.