Lighting systems

Automatic lighting system solves following main tasks:

  •  outdoor lighting of:
    •  adjacent lands;
    • approach roads;light-01
    • footpaths and avenues;
    • art-lighting of building’s facades;
  •  indoor lighting:
    •  customarylighting;
    •  emergency lighting;
    •  safe lighting;
  • automatic lighting switch on/off , which depends on the time of day:
  • the possibility of manual lighting control per the main dispatching console;
  • automated switch to the reserve power supplies (second inlet, generator) in case of break-down of the main one;
  • control of lighting system work from the uninterruptable power supplies for a time needed for switching to the reserve power supplies;
  • control of the emergency lighting work minimum within an hour;
  • integrated monitoring of state of all system components and distribution of simple directions in problem’s solving for the staff.

Lighting systems of stadiums and other sport venues meet additional requirements:stadium-light-02

  • arena’s lighting:
    • during the competitions of of international standing with HDTV-broadcasting – not less than 2200lx;
    • during the national championships with TV-broadcasting – not less than 1500 lx;
    • during the competitions without TV-broadcasting – not less than 1000 lx;
    • training regime of sportsmans of professional level – not less than 200 lx;
  • grandstand’s lighting:
    • during the competition with TV-broadcasting – from 500 up to 800 lx depending on
      distance from the edge of a field;
    • additional lighting – not less than 50 lx;
    • “antipanic” mode – average lighting not less than 25 lx, but not less than 5 lx on the most dark segment.
  • automated switch of flutter’s groups by their local switch on for control of equal working time of all lamps;
  • arena’s and grandstand’s lighting should be maintained during the whole time of competitions and after its ending for so long as the last spectator leaves the grandstand and technical staff of TV-broadcaster deinstalls its equipment.