Parking control systems

Parking control system is designed for automation and control of entrance/exit of vehicle and parking service fees.

Main advantages of this system:

  • executing units management of entrance/exit control;
  • automation vehicle registry and recording in the parking lot;
  • possibility of synchronous using of parking vouchers and proximity cards for standing customers;
  • flexible tariffication system for different types of customers and parking zones;
  • possibility of automated tariff setting depending on types of vehicle;
  • control of re-entrance of a motor vehicle;
  • record keeping and control of free space in a parking lot;
  • protection against malversation on the part of service staff.

Система управления парковкойOperating principleof parking control system:

  1. By entering the parking lot the client stops near the parking vouchers distribution terminal and presses the button of voucher distribution. The system checks for the number of free places in the parking lot and gives a voucher with a bar code to the client, lifts a barrier.
  2. Blue-chip clients, accredited parties, standing customers and staff use proximity access cards. For this parking vouchers distribution terminals are provided with card readers.
  3. Near the parking lot entrance are information displays installed, which display a diagram of parking lot with free places.
  4. By leaving the parking client inserts a voucher with a bar code in the card reader, after that the system checks up the voucher and informs the client about the service cost. After payment the system gives confirmation voucher and a barrier is lifted.
  5. In case, when the voucher is invalid or the payment wasn’t made, the barrier won’t be lifted.

The main advantage of automated control parking system is high acceptance rate and reliability by minimal service stuff complement.