Dispatching and automated control

For dispatching and automated lighting, warming, air conditioning, fire alarm and fire-fighting system control is the SIEMENS’S Department solution SBT used - hardware and software system DESIGO.

Программно-аппаратный комплекс DESIGO

The main advantages of this system are:

  • ability to monitor and control for different topology mapping;
  • individual transactions, where it is necessary:
    • monitor and work with the WEB;
    • easy adjustment of settings using the operator panels in the room;
  • equipment is optimized for easy installation and configuration;
  • professional software tools for the design and commissioning.
  • Use in a system innovative web-technologies, work with high-performance databases and open communication make DESIGO attractive asset for investors in the long term.

Video control systems

Automated video control system is made for security provision in real time mode and incident recording inside the building and surrounding areas. Automated system solves following main tasks:

  1. Visual control of the situation on the guarded object – it provides information to the look-out station in multi-screen mode (standby mode) or in full-screen mode (image from one video camera is shown on the full screen) in real time mode. This allows making rapid decisions, which are appropriate for the specific situation.
  2. The possibility of organization of continuous video recording with the help of computer system – it allows documenting fact of breach and gives the opportunity for carrying out an effective and rapid analysis of every situation.
  3. The system is integrated with access control systems, fire alarm system s, parking control systems and other building automation systems.
  4. Performing of security alarm functions by using movement detectors of video cameras or outdoor intrusion sensors and by informing of system operator about alarm appearance in monitored area. Hereby, the actuation of movement detector can automatically activate the record for full recording of alarm situation, and one of the system response scenarios can start – activation of executing mechanism, change in operating condition of system components, activation of other applications or combination of all these events.

Structure chart of video control system: