The process of the boiler house designing

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The process of the boiler house project implementation includes several logically related phases: front end engineering design, project development, post project works (coordination, designer's supervision etc.).

The phase of the front end engineering design includes:

  • Detailed analysis of the initial data.
  • Performing the thermotechnical calculation (Calculation of the annual consumption of warmth and fuel).
  • Composition of the technical design assignment (in cooperation with the Customer).
  • Performing the technical-economic calculation and feasibility study.
  • Development of the optimum heat supply scheme for consumers.
  • Consultation by experts concerning selection of the equipment.

The boiler house project is developed in the sections:

  • Explanatory Note (EN);
  • Аrchitectural and civil engineering solutions (AS);
  • Metal structures, incl. smoke stacks, external flues, maintenance floors (MS);
  • Thermal mechanical solutions (incl. water demineralization) (ТМS);
  • House gas supply (incl. section “ internal gas distributing unit with the pressure regulator valve”;
  • House fuel supply lines;
  • Warming and air ventilation of the boiler house;
  • House water supply and sewage of the boiler house;
  • Control and measuring equipment and automatic equipment;
  • Electric power equipment;
  • Lighting, earthing, lightning protection;
  • Dispatching (Д);
  • Civil Defence and Emergency Management;
  • Environmental protection (ООС);
  • Energy efficiency.

Besides development of the general design of the boiler house the experts of our company execute projects of the auxiliary utility networks and systems for:

  • external gas pipelines;
  • external heating networks;
  • water supply and sewage;
  • central heating stations.