Advantages of the block-built boiler houses

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Block-built boiler houses have a lot of advantages, such as:

  • Lack of heating mains (heating mains lose up to 7% of warmth, its maintenance costs 60% of payment for heating supply);
  • All expenses for construction of the capital building are totally excluded;
  • Every modular boiler house has high degree of efficiency and automatically provides an optimum performance of all the heating equipment;
  • The block-built boiler house generates as much warmth as its required by consumer at the moment; this assures the best fuel economy;
  • Components of automatic equipment are selected according to the “ price-quality ratio" and for a particular Customer;
  • Manufacturing and startup doesn’t depend on the season;
  • Full automation of the burning process;
  • Multi-level emergency control;
  • Process dispatching allows to use the boiler house without a continuous presence of the operating personnel;
  • Short terms of manufacturing;
  • Maximum readiness of the boiler house; the assembling includes only installation of external communications and power supply lines.

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