Designing of the autonomous and roof boiler houses

Company INFOCOM ASIA offers modern and ergonomic design of block-built boiler houses of the following versions:

  • block-modular;Electropomeschenie
  • roof boiler houses;
  • built-in boiler houses;
  • stationary boiler houses;
  • built-on boiler houses.

Modular (block-built) boiler houses

Modular boiler house is the container-type construction which is ready for use. The gas equipment is installed in the middle of such block-built boiler house. Steel plates or metal profile (colored or galvanized) are used as external coating. Walls and roof of the block-built boiler house are heat-insulated.

Both foreign-made and domestic boilers are used according to Customer’s requirements.

Module of the boiler house also includes resource custody transfer metering station (such as electricity, cold water, hot water, warmth), which assures control of the resource consumption in the boiler houses anytime. The block-built boiler house can be equipped with the telemetry and telemechanic systems, which will allow the remote control of the boiler house operation using the wired communications or GSM network. By the remote control it’s possible to use the uniform dispatching center for control and to control the whole network of the boiler houses from one operator’s workplace.

For example: Several buildings of hotel and recreation camps, a large residential estate and the unified control center for the boiler houses for each  multi-storey buildings which are strewn across the territory.

Besides, modular (block-built) boiler house construction principle allows a quick modernization of the current heating system according to the capacity requirements.

The advantages of such type of a boiler house are:

  • reduction of terms of assembling on the site, the boiler is already ready for use;
  • blocks of the boiler house can be transported by all means of transport;
  • the boiler park can be scaled up due to connection of the additional blocks without a considerable reconstruction of the current infrastructure.

To one of types of the modular boiler houses belongs a roof boiler house.

The roof boiler houses

The roof boiler house is the unit, which is set directly on the building (covering) or on the specially designed foundation on the covering.

The appliance of such boiler houses is caused by lack of the heating power of the district heating stations and thermal power stations and other centralized sources, by limitation of the territory for laying the main thermal power systems, caused by the restrained urban conditions, or by non-optimality of the connection of buildings to the central heat supply system according to the technical-economic calculation.

The control of the equipment performance is carried out directly by the automatic equipment of the boiler house (the information is displayed on the switchboard, set up in the boiler house), the main emergency signal or group of signals are transmitted through the telephone, GSM or the Internet to the operator console, which is set up outside the boiler house.

The advantages of the roof boiler houses:

  • saving of the territory;
  • quick terms of assembling;
  • lack of heat loss on the heating main.

The roof boiler houses have also disadvantages:

  • there are some restrictions in appliance of the roof boiler houses. The boiler houses, in which the steam pressure doesn’t exceed 0,07 MPa and the maximum temperature of the heat carrying agent is no more than 1150С, are allowed to use. The capacity of the roof boiler house shouldn’t exceed the thermal power, consumed in the building. It’s not allowed to install the boiler houses with the capacity more than 5 MW.
  • It’s prohibited to install the roof boiler houses over the production floors and warehouses (according to explosion and fire hazard categories A and B). Restrictions concerning the usage in the residential buildings.
  • It’s not allowed to use the boiler houses with the total capacity up to 3 MW based on the hot water boilers with the temperature of water up to1150С. It’s prohibited to place boiler houses near the residential buildings, on the roofs of the child care centers, preschool facilities, and schools, on the roofs of the bedroom buildings of the health and leisure institutions, and on the elevated slabs, because the elevated slabs shouldn’t be used as floors for boiler houses.

Nowadays the roof boiler houses are designed and manufactured with the use of modern highly-reliably equipment of high quality, which assures its continuous and safe operation, quickness and ease of maintenance. In our boiler houses we carry out installation of the hot water boilers, produced by the well-known manufacturers, e.g.:  «ICI Caldaie» Italy, «Unical» Italy,  «Viessmann» Germany, «Erensan» Turkey, «Entroros», modern burner devices produced by different European manufacturers: «F.B.R.» Italy, «Cuenod» France, «Ecoflam» Italy, «Weishaupt» Germany, «Saacke» Germany «Dreizler» Germany, «Cib Unigas» Italy; pumping and heat exchange equipment, automation and safety systems.