Chromatograph MicroSam

MicroSam (Micro Single analyzer module) – new field-effect explosion protected gas chromatograph based on silicon micromechanics. This allowed to make it microsized, and at the same time to increase its analytical potential and to expand its operativeness.

Газовый хроматограф MicroSam
Main application area – analysis of natural gas. 

In the damage-proof, explosion-proof case of chromatograph MicroSAM are modules of electronics and pneumatics, analytical path with valveless sampling and column switching placed. Chromatograph is delivered being completely configured. Several gas chromatographs MicroSAM can be connected simultaneously for simultaneous analysis of several flows or in oder to create a back-up subsystem, which allows to continue a work even in case of failure of basic hardware.

 Main advantages of the chromatograph MicroSAM:

  •  field-effect modification, which doesn’t need an air purging of control-measuring devices.
  • Possibility of installation near the sampling point.
  • low flow of the carrier gas (while natural gas analysis – 30 ml/min).
  • excellent reproducibility and long-term stability results.
  • easy mainatanance.
  • low operational expenditures.
  • open source software.

For ordering the chromatograph MicroSam you should fill in the Gas chromatograph questionnaire  (doc, 132 kB)

Technical specification for MicroSam  (pdf, 312 kB)