Chromatographic analysis

INFOCOM ASIA offers solutions for implementing projects of analytical systems and laboratory information management systems on the basis of solutions of SIEMENS (Germany) for the chemical, metallurgical and pharmaceutical industries.
The on-line analytical system is a solution based on the gas stream analyzer (gas chromatograph series MAXUM II and MicroSam of SIEMENS).

The main functions of the complex are:

  • quality control and process control through the automated collection mode «ON-LINE»;
  •  processing and data acquisition of the flow of the technological process;
  •  issuing timely information to the operator-technologist;
  •  stabilization of the main parameters of the process;
  • process control in real time.

 INFOCOM ASIA has an experience in integration of laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Хроматограф MaxumIIMAXUM II – the industrial gas chromatograph SIEMENS, which is the only one industrial chromatograph in the world with the productivity, which has been never achieved on analyzers.

More about the gas chromatograph MAXUM II 

Questionnaire for ordering of the gas chromatograph  (doc, 372 kB)

Technical specification for MAXUM II (pdf, 196 kB)

Хроматограф MicroSam

MicroSam (Micro Single analyzer module) – new field-effect explosion protected gas chromatograph based on silicon micromechanics. This allowed to make it microsized, and at the same time to increase its analytical potential and to expand its operativeness.

More about the explosion protected gas chromatograph MicroSam 

Questionnaire for ordering of the gas chromatograph  (doc, 372 kB)

Technical specification for MicroSam (pdf, 312 kB)

Structure of the chromatograph complex based on MAXUM II

Структура хроматографического комплекса

Laboratory information management system (LIMS)

Laboratory information management system (LIMS) SIMATIC IT Unilab – a platform that allows you to keep all the main aspects of quality control processes, covering the planning phase, the production and analysis, creating a common information system of automation of the analytical units in the enterprise.

Main functions of LIMS are:

  • control samples;
  •  materials management;
  •  equipment management;
  •  document management;
  •  security management;
  •  Integration with other systems (ERP, MES, SCADA).

More about Laboratory information management system

Implementation example of the chromatography complex

Cтруктура хроматографического комплекса

General flowchart of integration of gas analysis equipment in ACS TP

Общая структурная схема интеграции газоаналитического оборудования в АСУТП