Chromatograph MAXUM II

MAXUM II – the industrial gas chromatograph SIEMENS, which is the only one industrial chromatograph in the world with the productivity, which has been never achieved on analyzers.


Main advantages of the chromatograph MAXUM II:

  • MAXUM II offers wide range of detectors, including  FID (flame ionization detector), TCD (thermal conductivity detector), FPD (flame photometric detector), ECD (electron capture detector), HID (helium ionization detector). Using of one detector or combitation of several detectors make this chromatograph the most flexible of the indistrial gas chromatographs, introduced on the market.
  •   responsive approach to the air bath oven’s selection. Airfree or air bath (even with temperature programming possibility), isolated or double ovens are closing this wide range of use.
  • Using of  simultaneous chromatography reduces the cycle time;
  • Dispensing of different sample volumes, using LIVE technologies.
  • Valveless LIVE- switching between chromatographic columns.
  • Open network capabilities with TCP/IP and Ethernet .

For ordering the chromatograph MAXUM II you should fill in the gas chromatograph questionnaire (doc, 132 kB)

Technical specifications of MicroSam (pdf, 195 kB)