Solutions on the basis of RFID-identification

A company INFOCOM ASIA offers off-the-shelf solutions based on the radio-frequency identification technology (RFID-technology)

Having regard to the fact, that application of RFID-systems is possible in any spheres of business, where identification, calculation and product accounting are needed, application of RFID has no standards and boundaries, but requires the additional task statement and software development according to the developed technical specification (scope of tasks).

A company INFOCOM ASIA has a work experience with RFID-systems in the field of product accounting and identification, transport accounting, car park automation. Some of our solutions are presented below:

material flow poezd
Material flow management Unmanned transport system
Parking Multilevel parking

Automated parking complex

with the application of the RFID-technology 

Multi-storey car park

So, we offer solutions for the following tasks:

  • Identification, calculation and product accounting
  • RFID-technology for vehicle identification
  • Automated parking complexes with the application of the RFID-technology
  • RFID-technology for identification of the rail transport
  • Control of access to the territory