Unmanned transport system

Transport system consists of:

  • rolling stock (special configuration train);transport structure
  • railway track structure; - control systems;
  • power supply system;
  • cargo-handling terminals;
  • depot.

  • Transport system key features:
  • type - cargo;
  • railway track system – double-level double-track trestle system
  • cargo transportation distance, km, max – 31;
  • height of span placing above ground level – 0 to 10 m.;
  • maximal operating speed of train traffic - 25 (90) m/s (km/ h);
  • trains traffic interval – from 400 to 650 s.;
  • locomotive type- electric locomotive;
  • railroad gauge, - 1000 mm;
  • number of trains - 8-16 items.

Dispatching system key features:

  • automatic maintenance of performance schedule;
  • review of standard time-schedule;
  • automatic route determination on train performance sheet;
  • review of the performed train sheets over any period;
  • print of standard and performed time-sheets;
  • documentation of transportation of every consignment (train number, product type, quantity, loading and unloading dates) with the data transfer to SAP ERP;
  • tracking of direct expenses of resources for the transportation of every consignment with the data transfer to SAP ERP;
  • tracking of the overhead expenses of resources for the infrastructure maintenance with the data transfer to SAP ERP.

MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) system key features:

  • preventive maintenance;
  • cyclical and acyclic maintenance plans;
  • automatic warning about the technological service (with the notification of dispatcher);
  • manual review of the serviceable equipment under any criterion;
  • standard work package, including spare parts, equipment and skills.