Differences between MES and ERP systems

How do MES systems differ from ERP-systems, and why are they placed on different levels of informational structure? ERP -systems are focusedonplanningoforderfulfillment, i.e. answer the question: “When and how much products should be produced?”. MES-systems are focused on question “How are products produced in fact” and use more exact information about the business process. For example, in ERP-system the employee works or is on sick leave, but this system doesn’t register, that he had worked 3 hours 17 minutes before he checked into a hospital; at the same time MES-system documents staff’s work with higher accuracy, as it necessary for documenting of products manufacturing.

MES-system mediates between ERP-systems and automated control systems of technological processes.

INFOCOM ASIA in its logistics, monitoring and business processes documenting systems uses MOTOROLA’S mobile data collection systems (brand Symbol). MOTOROLA’S production is widely recognized as highly-productive, multifunctional and easy in setting and using systems.

Equipment of brand Symbol serves to work in conditions of industrial productions and meets Standards of Care IP54 and IP67

For dangerous spaces INFOCOM ASIA uses wireless hotspots (wi-fi), I/O systems (monitors with touch-sensitive displays), barcode readers and data acquisition terminals designed by ATEX and UL in its logistics and manufacturing control systems.