MES – automated control ad optimation system of production activity, which in real-time mode:

  • actuates;
  • controls;
  • optimizes;
  • documents

business processes from the beginning of order fulfillment to the shipment of end products.

 Differences between MES and ERP systems

How do MES systems differ from ERP-systems, and why are they placed on different levels of informational structure? ERP -systems are focusedonplanningoforderfulfillment, i.e. answer the question: “When and how much products should be produced?”. MES-systems are focused on question “How are products produced in fact” and use more exact information about the business process. For example, in ERP-system the employee works or is on sick leave, but this system doesn’t register, that he had worked 3 hours 17 minutes before he checked into a hospital; at the same time MES-system documents staff’s work with higher accuracy, as it necessary for documenting of products manufacturing.

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Our competency is automated control systems and manufacturing execution systems (MES-systems).

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