Engineering systems

Engineering systems of DC consist of the following modules:

  • module of the uninterrupted power supply;
  • climate control equipment;
  • module of the physical protection of the server rooms/cabinets;
  • Fire Extinguishing Systems;
  • Systems of the proactive monitoring and of the software and hardware elements of DC.



While construction of DC INFOCOM ASIA uses the equipment of Rittal RIMATRIX5.

Network and server racks based on Rittal TS8


  • Observation door in the front, steel plate door at the back
  • Wide range of variants of the cable entering and organisation
  • Multisectional panelboard of the base, grounding
  • Preparation for the high performance cooling systems (LCP)
  • Sizes with the depth up to 1200 mm
  • 19" mounting frame, in the front and at the back;
  • Load 1 000 kg
  • Maximal protection class IP 55, in combination with the appropriate ceiling and side panels
  • Draw out protection
IT-cabinet-02 IT-cabinet-03

Automatic door opening system

  • automatic door opening of the closed cabinet in case of fire or failure of the cooling system
  • simple connectio to the monitoring system Rittal CMC-TC system
  • connection of the set for the door opening with the special control block for the door opening
  • Suits all door types


IT-autoopen-01 IT-autoopen-02 IT-autoopen-03

Electric power supply


  1. Power Modular Concept
  2. Power Distribution Rack
  3. Power Distribution Module
  4. Power System Module
  5. Circuit A
  6. Circuit B
  7. Power distribution

Power Modular Concept (PMC 200)

IT-PMC20Different system configurations :

  • Up to 3 modules 10/20 /30/40 kW including accumulator battery;
  • Up to 5 modules 10/20/30/40 kW with the external accumulator battery cabinet.


Advantages of the system PMC 200:

  • Size of the rack UPS is enlarged up to 5 modules with 40 kW (160 kW N+1);
  • Due to the modular approach can be avoided the large investment outlays by the fist installation, because the capacity of the accumulator battery can be increased according to the Customer’s requierements;
  • КПД up to 95 %;
  • Classification VFI-SS-111;
  • No single point of failure.


Power distribution rack PDR

  • Central energy power suply control for IT-racks;
  • Distribution up to 3x250A by the placement of up to the 8 modules PDM;
  • The possibility of the upgrade without disconnenting of the main power supply;
  • Additional connection up to 32 racks;
  • Certification VDE;IT-PDR
  • Cable connections to the buses PSM;
  • Double energy supply, central switch.

Supply distribition module PDM


  • Distribution up to 40 kW through the server and network racks;
  • Protected three-phase outputs, 400/230 V, 16 A in output;
  • Cable connection to the buses PSM;
  • Possibility of the module reequipment while the system working process;
  • Full shock-hazard protection.


Power supply module PSM


  • Current bus with the full shock-hazard protection;
  • Double construction due to two separated three-phased cirquits;
  • Active modules with the function of the remote control and monitoring;
  • Different versions of connectors;
  • Maximal load up to 48 A or up to 96 A;
  • Simple module mounting/dismounting by the power supply;
  • current measurement, display;
  • Up to 42 connectors in the two-meter long system




We offer to use Liquid Cooling Package (LCP, LCP Plus) by Rittal for the cooling of the DC equipment. Main advantages of this equipment are:

  • Air-water heat-exchange unit for the IT-cabinets and racks;
  • Equal distribition of the cool air in the fron tof the 19” equipment;
  • Air cirsulation over the closed circuit;
  • Modular structure (3 modules);
  • Condensation control system;
  • Possibility of the DC upgrade independently of the temperature inside it.


1 LCP + 1 Server cabinet – operating principle


1 LCP + 2 server cabinets


3 LCP + 2 server cabinets = N+1 redundancy


Gas suppression system

Fire suppression system DET-AC Plus

  • Fire suppression system 1 U for the 19” cabinets
  • Fire detection and extinction in the line up to 4 cabinets
  • Fire suppression systems: FM200, Novec 1230
  • Automated supply and vemtilator disconnection by ignition
  • Integration of the system into the data transmission networks (TCP/IP, SNMP, HTTP)


IT-fire-02 IT-fire-03