Data center

Data Center is the total organizational and technical solution for development of  fault-tolerant information infrastructure of high-performance. DC – is the computing infrastructure (set of the interconnected software and hardware components, organizational procedures, location places and personnel, which serves for the secure centralized processing, storage and providing of data, services, applications, and assures the high degree of the recourse virtualization.

The main requirements to the modern IT-systems:

  • Coprocessing of the devices and data in the clustered system;
  • Centralization of the storage resources management, back-up and data recovery;
  • Reservation and the possibility of the geographic distribution  of the system components;
  • High availability of the system;
  • High reliability and failure-free performance of the informational infrastructure of the system software;
  • Virtualization of the system resources.

Besides, we can extract the range of the additional requirements, to which belong:

  • Integration of the solution into the existing informational environment;
  • Implementation of the systems of the efficient solution management;
  • Informational consulting and training of the Customer’s staff;
  • Technical support, warranty and post-warranty service.

INFOCOM ASIA offers the full range of services in designing, construction and maintananceof the main and auxiliary Data Centers:

  • audit of the existing IT-infrastructure of the Customer concerning creation and modernization of DC;
  • conception development of the DC;
  • development of technical and engeneering documentation of the project;
  • development of the working schedule of implementation or modernization od DC;
  • development of the operating procedures, control regulations;
  • training of the Customer’s personnel in management and maintanance of DC;
  • delivery and equipment and software adjustment :
    • fault-tolerant server solutions, clusters;
    • data storage and transmission systems;
    • network equipment;
    • data back-up systems;
    • systems of the proactive monitoring of the software and hardware elements of DC;
    • systems of the informational security;
    • engeneering systems of DC (uninterrupted power supply, climate control equipment, physical proteclion of the server rooms/cabinets, fire extinguishing systems);
  • Development of the plan and procedures of the access recovery of the informational services, rules of the transfer of the service fulfillment into the back-up DC and the work recovery of the main DC;
  • Carrying out of the experimental performance and acceptance tests;
  • Service maintanance of DC.

rimatrix5While construction of DC INFOCOM ASIA uses the equipment of Rittal RIMATRIX5..