Review - PJSC “Semiconductor Plant”

03150 Kiev, Ukraine,

ul.Predslavinskaya, 11-13

To General Director
Company "Infocom LTD."
Trotsenko EA

2009-09-01 Завод Полупроводников - Copy

Dear Sirs

We would like to thank you for your interest to the technologies produced by SIEMENS AG.
In this letter we inform you that INFOCOM LTD (Zaporozhye) has been more than 10 years official partner of subsidiary company “Siemens Ukraine” of Department “Department “Industrial automation and drive technologies” (IA&DТ)” and has international status “Solution Partner” of SIEMENS AG.

INFOCOM LTD carries out designing, production, installation and comissioning and maintanance works of:

  • electrical power supply and electrical power distribution systems, works in the sphere of low and middle voltage.
  • ACS TP;
  • measuring and control devices and automatics, detectors and sensors
  • drives and motors, computer numerical control systems.

Nowadays PJSC “Semiconductor Plant” carries out the project in reconstruction and expansion of production of polycrystalline silicon as well as trichlorosilane production complex with a capasity 44,000 tpa. Taking into account special features and extreme complexity, high requirements to the industrial safety and project scope, its reasonable to use distributed control system SIEMENS РСS7 and controllers S7-400Н/F (Emergency System + complete redundancy of central processing units, power systems, visualisation stations and input/output).

INFOCOM LTD is one of several cmpanies in Ukraine, which perfectly master and apply the system РСS7 in the projects, and is one and only company, which dealt with projects, powered by fully functional system S7-400Н/F. Experts of INFOCOM LTD have deep experience of realisation of such projects, which was gained both on the objects in Ukraine, and abroad, including collaboration with SIEMENS AG. All these “Turn-Key” projects were implemented on time and very qualitatively.

Subsidiary company “Siemens Ukraine” would like to recommend you INFOCOM LTD as reliable and high-skilled partner for implementation of this project.

Best regards,

Commercial Director of a Department –  Klimova A.Y.
Team leader of “Automation system” – Beketov A.A.