Review - First Brewery (Kazakhstan)

In 2016 INFOCOM has finished project for the First Brewery (Kazakhstan) - Perviy Pivzavod. Software for the line of kegs bottling was modernized and implemented. 

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Boryszew Kunststofftechnik Deutschland

Taras Shevchenko blvd, 56       
Zaporozhye, Ukraine
General Director 
Company "Infocom LTD"
Trotsenko E.A.


                                                                     Dear Mr. Trotsenko!

Our company highly recommeds INFOCOM LTD for your abas Business Suit implementation.

While consulting INFOCOM LTD showed their professionalism in business processed consulting (effective work with key users, preparation of recommendations, work in short term implemenation plan, consulting on ERP-system implemenation, deep knowledge of user needs, effective processes use and quick resulting, easy sharing their knowledge.

All this makes working with INFOCOM LTD very comfortable.

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Review - SIEMENS Industry

Siemensallee 84
76187 Karlsruhe

To General Director
Company "Infocom LTD."
Trotsenko EA

Anschreiben SIZ 31.08.2009

Dear Sirs,
As we believe that you are currently planning the integration of a Distributed Control System (DCS), combining and connecting the multiple automation systems of the single sections (e.g. TCS synthesis, Deposition...) at your polysilicon plant in Zaporozhye we would like to underline our special partnership with INFOCOM Ltd. Also we would like to point out some advantages we see in using a Siemens PCS 7 solution as a DCS.
Taking into account that the systems for the single production sections are all using Siemens technology we believe that from a technical perspective PCS 7 will bring the biggest benefit as an "umbrella" system as it ensures a smooth, seamless integration of the subsystems. Service and maintenance issues can also be covered with lowest overall efforts using PCS 7, because the staff involved needs no additional training on other systems and spare parts from only one vendor are needed.

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Review - «Vetropack Gostomel Glass Factory»

08290, Ukraine,

Kyiv region. town. Hostomel,

pl. Rekunova 2

To General Director
Company "Infocom LTD."
Trotsenko EA


JSC Vetropack Gostomel Glass Factory recognizes with appreciation the InfoCom LTD experts for quality, professionalism and operativeness, shown while rerforming of service maintenance of glass furnaces №№ 82,83, and weight line №3 and sections in maintanance of systems “Water conditioning” and “Oil-pumping station” during 2010-2012.
While realisation of service maintenance by the INFOCOM LTD experts were fulfilled the following work arts:

  1. Equipment diagnostics, performance restoration and programm adjustment of visualisation system of ACS of glass furnace №83, powered by РСS7 system.
  2. Diagnostics, adjustment of programm and service maintenance of automation systems powered by РСS7 system;
  3. Diagnostics and modification of software for work stabilisation of CS of backup fuel stations on glass furnaces №№ 82,83;
  4. Adjustment of a programm on the weight line and provision of consulting services in realisation of backup copies of control programs of systems “Water conditioning” and “Oil-pumping station”.

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Review - PJSC “Semiconductor Plant”

03150 Kiev, Ukraine,

ul.Predslavinskaya, 11-13

To General Director
Company "Infocom LTD."
Trotsenko EA

2009-09-01 Завод Полупроводников - Copy

Dear Sirs

We would like to thank you for your interest to the technologies produced by SIEMENS AG.
In this letter we inform you that INFOCOM LTD (Zaporozhye) has been more than 10 years official partner of subsidiary company “Siemens Ukraine” of Department “Department “Industrial automation and drive technologies” (IA&DТ)” and has international status “Solution Partner” of SIEMENS AG.

INFOCOM LTD carries out designing, production, installation and comissioning and maintanance works of:

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