Review - “Zaporizhia Automobile Building Plant“

Lenin Avenue, 8,
Zaporozhye, 69600
To General Director
Company "Infocom LTD."
Trotsenko EA


 Dear Eduard Anatolievich!
We would like to thank you and your team for high professionalism and quality of performed work in project realization for:
- site of final putting into commission T-150;
- Control system of conveyors with adressing of carbodies and visualisation of technological processes;
- Control system of robotic 1K-250;
- Training of shop workers in with new programs.

All projects are maximally adapted to the installed equipment, coordinated with technological processes and are user-friendly. Hope for further successful cooperation.

Best regards,
workshop chief
deputy manager
Tschesnokov V.I.
Savitskyi V.L.
Kudin A.V.