INFOCOM ASIA offers development of ACS of TP, solar stations and parks for different branches of industry

INFOCOM ASIA offers development of projects, solar stations and parks, and control systems for different branches of industry.

INFOCOM ASIA is the largest engineering company which develops ACS of TP “turn-key”, solutions in automation of technical equipment and production line based on PLC and CNC-systems, Siemens, solar stations, solar parks and control systems.Nowadays our company develops projects for branches of industry such as metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, cellulose and paper industry.

In 2014 INFOCOM ASIA developed and implemented a large project in China, Qingdao - ACS von TP of hot metal desulphurization with granulated magnesium. We used equipment of only worldwide known and reliable manufacturers as Siemens, Phoenix Contact and Rittal when developing this project.

During 2014 we developed and successfully implemented the following projects in developing control system and automation of technical processes:
  • Grain elevator with a storage capacity of 70 thousand tones, LLC «Panda» (Kotovsk, Odessa region).
  • ACS of TP of paper making machine №2, PJSC “Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill”, Obuhov
  • ACS of the borehole: development of the control program, implementation of the borehole №3, incl. integration into the existing system for control of the boreholes №1 и №2;
  • ACS of the borehole (PJSC Kraft Foods Ukraine (Trostianets, Sumy region)
  • ACS of section №3 of liquid medicinal products in bottles. Shop №1. Reconstruction of СІР system;
  • ACS of TP of vacuum arc furnace, «Nerta LTD»
INFOCOM ASIA has its own service center for repairing and diagnostics of Siemens equipment and components of old series, which are no longer in production (Simatic S5, Sinumerik, Simoreg), and debugging, commissioning and repair of converting equipment and control systems on the basis of SIMATIC S5, S7, SIEMENS.