Development of ACS TP, engineering of ACS TP

INFOCOM ASIA offers services in development of ACS TP (development of the automated control system of technical processes) for different branches of industry.

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Engineering of ACS TP is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Collection of the initial data of the designed automation system on the object;
  • Preparing the technical specification for the planned control system;
  • Conduct of the technical meeting with the Customer in order to define the optimal content of the equipment in relation to the unification with the equipment, which is already applied at the place of production and judging by price-quality ratio;
  • Preparing design documents for ACS TP;
  • Software development for ACS TP (controller programming, development, frequency inverter programming);
  • Software development for production activity optimization (MES-systems), engineering and structured cable system (SCS) routing and multiservice communication networks (MCN), engineering of data processing centers (DPC), implementation of the ERP-system ABAS;
  • Production of the control system cabinets and supply of the necessary equipment;
  • Performance of the installation works (or performance of the erection supervision works);
  • Performance of the commissioning works for control system;
  • Carrying out the construction design supervision, after-sales services for ACS TP.


 We call your attention to that fact, that performance of works in production modernization (modernization of the automated engineering systems) is carried out continuously or by minimal production stoppages.

 You can see the list of the performed projects in the section “Performed projects