The facade solar power plant has been put into operation

In January 2014 in the office of INFOCOM ASIA has been put into operation the third solar power plant with a capacity of 18 kW.

Russian Federation Germany

So, three facade solar power plants (the façade solar mini-power plants) with a capacity of:

  • 15 кWSolar station office
  • 18 кW
  • 12 кW


work simultaneously on the front of a building.


Such facade solar power plans are the part of solutions, offered by INFOCOM ASIA with the application of the alternative energy sources. Such rooftop solar power plants are powerful and compact. You can see the connection diagram of the electric power supply system with the use of alternative energy sources in the section with the standard.

 Similar roof SES are productive and compact. With typical connection diagrams of electrical systems using alternative energy sources can be found in the section with the connection types.