Automation of the technical processes

Specialization of INFOCOM ASIA is the automation of the technical processes in different industrial branches. We offer such solutions as automation of the oil extraction plant, elevator automation, automation of the transshipping complexes.

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Автоматизация маслоэкстракционного завода

Автоматизация сталеплавильных печей Управление транспортной системой, RFID-идентификация вагонов Управление материалопотоками

INFOCOM ASIA is specialized in fulfilling the most difficult projects in automation of production in different industrial branches as metallurgy, agro-industry, transportation systems, material accounting management, identification and tracking of the materials over the production chain etc. You can see the implemented systems in the section “Solutions” on our website and in the section “Services

Over the past year we have developed and successfully implemented the following projects in engineering of the control systems and automation of the technical processes:

  • Complex control system for the wheel transportation unit;
  • Program development for coke pusher control with the battery positioning system;
  • Modernization of the control system and safety system for the extraction shop on the oil extraction plant;
  • Modernization of the MCC of the oil pressure shop of the oil extraction plant;
  • Modernization of the control system for SIP (special interchangeable profiles)  №83
  • Control system engineering for the wheel transportation unit;
  • Reconstruction of the transformer substation CTS-145 (Closed transformer substation);
  • Replacement of the switch-gear;
  • Engineering of the entertainment complex and tourist complex automation;
  • ACS of TP for steelmaking in the electric arc furnace.


You can see these and other projects in the section “Projects” on our website.

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