Automated warehouse and sorting


Solution for the jewellery industry

Автоматизация ювелирного склада v11 Автоматизация ювелирного склада Автоматизация ювелирного склада

 Main current problems of the inventory control of jewellery:

  • Total dependence of shipment and manufacturing processes on the subjective opinion of the warehouse coordinator;
  • Limitation of productivity caused by available human resources;
  • Weak inventory control, caused by forced technologies and human factor;
  • No clear arrangement of product movement accounting.;
  • No precise information concerning exact location of the specific product right now;
  • Receiving of the exact information about the stock balance is possible only after the full inventory checking is carried out;
  • Risk of loss of the Company’s goods;
  • No development prospect.

Benefits of implementation of the automated inventory control system:

  • Human factor’s problem solution:
    • Access limitation to the storage and sorting area;
    • Automatic accounting of the received lots;
    • Automated order sorting, packing, weighing and marking;
    • Automated checking of the results of manually operated processes;
    • Automated journaling of all processes and integration with the access control system, video monitoring systems and SAP;
  • Automated inventory control;
  • Receiving of the information about the stock balance at any moment;
  • Performance statistics allows stock delivery scheduling, which reduces the stock balance.
  • Tracking of location of each article in the areas;
  • Automated full inventory checking;
  • Automated electronic and hard-copy accounting.

Automated warehouse (concept of implementation):

Booklet warehouse and sorting




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