Simulation of solar parks, canting angle of panels

Simulation of solar park involves taking into consideration of individual characteristics of every object and location area of land parcels. If typicals cannot be used by designig of site of solar park, technical experts of our company are ready to calculate and offer optimal location of solar PV-arrays on the land parcel, which will help to assure maximum electricity production.

It should be noted, that efficiency of solar modules is defined by following factors: positioning, canting angle and opacity. Best variant of positioning of solar modules is a South side. Cunting angle is defined accordng to the positioning lattitude of solar power station and can vary between 15 up to 90 degrees. Opacity is the important factor, which can considerably reduce electricity production of the whole solar power station, That’s why is is necessary to take into consideration these three above factors while assembling.
Design-and-engineering department, which is a part of our company, will execute calculations in a very short time and offers engineering solutions in positioning of solar PV-arrays on the land parcel, taking into consideration estimated figures of electricity production by different design variants and defines optimal canting angle of solar modules for your project.

Received recommendations will make an informed and maximally efficient decision for your electric power object.

Please, contact us by any convenient way for you, if you are interested in comprehensive approach to the simulation of your future solar park.