Building of solar power stations

INFOCOM ASIA company is a team of exerts, who have vast experience of work, necessary skills and own mechanical and production resource base for immediate and qualitative resolve of all variety of tasks in the field of designing, building, completing and engineering support of objects of solar energy. Being a prime contractor of building of solar power stations, experts of INFOCOM ASIA company will execute following work types qualitatively and on time:

  1. reception of Declaration concerning beginning of execution of building and construction works;
  2. maintanance of prime contract – building of solar power station “Turn-Key”;
  3. designing, design approval and project maintanance,
  4. providing of services of building and special-purpose equipment,
  5. bottoming and foundation;
  6. assembly of technical equipment;
  7. structural cable systems, data-processing centers, dispatching;
  8. Object safety control systems – lighting, videomonitoring, acess conrtrol and management system, burglar alarm, fire alarm;
  9. Comissionig of the object.

INFOCOM ASIA consists of specialized departments over the whole variety of activities, which allows to perform “Turn-Key” objects, according to the conditions of certificate of authorization “For performing of business activity” and “Hazard work order authorization”.
Presense of qualified project managers, who know a project management method, which is succesfully used in practice, allows our company to ensure execution of building and construction  works on time, within an allocated budget and at the high professional level.

If you plan to build a solar power station and are looking for reliable prime contractor for this task, contact us by any convenient way for you and our experts will advise you and answer all questions!