Business-plan, calculation of project efficiency

If your project is on the concept stage and you need more information to make a decision concerning building of solar power station, or to persuade an investor to invest his money in your project, you need a detailed business-plan.

Business-plan – is an available, detailed and clear escription of the presumed business, an important tool for review of plenty different situations, which allows to choose the most advanced desired result and to define methods for its achievement. Business-plan is a document, which allows
manging business, that’s why its in fact an essential part of a strategic planning and guide for performance and control.

Business-plan, which is developed by commercial experts of INFOCOM ASIA company, consists of following divisions:

  1. detailed imformation about project initiator of solar electro power station
  2. detailed information about the project of solar power station
  3. information about the site of solar power station
  4. cost calculation of  project realisation of solar power station
  5. definition of a forecasted income and expenditure level
  6. cash flow for the whole period of validity of a “green tariff”
  7. ROI analysis with different scenarios of a course of events
  8. calculation of financial and investment ratios
  9. SWOT-analysis and Sensitivity Analyses
  10. identification of risks and ways of its minimization

To send a development request of business-plan for your solar sration, please, contact us by any convenient way for you!

Бизнес план