We offer services in designing, production, delivery, assembling and checkout of low,- and high voltage electrical equipment of high qualityfor the energy distribution.

We carry out cabinet’s assembly on domestic manufacture:

  • Control cabinetscabinet prod

    • Control cabinets of L2 level (visualization of technical processes and other necessary information, reception, transmission and processing of production and technical information)
    • Control cabinets of L1 level (process and equipment control)
    • Control cabinets of L0 level (control and measuring instrument, sensors, technical equipment, which function as blocking system sand protectors, commutation of control signals to executing mechanisms and equipment sivacon 8ptmanual control)
  • Low-voltage switchgears(0,4 kW)

  • Medium voltage (up to 35 kW)

  • Other works

    • Production of copper bus bars according to your project (cutting, bending, perforation of bus bars) using our Middle powerown high-precision industrial equipment);
    • Production of steel constructions of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, powder coating;
    • Testing of all producing electric equipment accompanied by Test certificates.

Other devices according to the project designed by us or according to your own project.